Pascha / Las Pascuas


Fiesta de la Dormición de la Teotokos / Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos

Feast of Transfiguration – Fiesta de la Transfiguración

First Antiphon for the Feast of the Transfiguration – Antífona Primera para la Fiesta de la Transfiguración

Second Antiphon for the Feast of the Transfiguration – Antífona Segunda para la Fiesta de la Transfiguración

Third Antiphon Verses for the Feast of the Transfiguration – Versiculos para la Antífona Tercera para la Fiesta de la Transfiguración

Troparion for the Feast of the Transfiguration – Tropario para la Fiesta de la Transfiguración

Kontakion for the Feast of the Transfiguration – Contaquo para la Fiesta de la Transfiguración

Feast of Pentecost – Fiesta de Pentecostés

You can find here the documents for changeable parts of the liturgy for the Feast of Pentecost in Spanish:

First Antiphon for Pentecost – Primera Antífona para el Pentecostés

Second Antiphon for Pentecost – Segunda Antifona para Pentecostés

Third Antiphon for Pentecost – Tercera Antifona para Pentecostés

Troparion for Pentecost – Tropario para Pentecostés

Kontakion for Pentecost –Contaquio para Pentecostés

“As Many As Have Been Baptized” (instead of Trisagion Hymn) – Todos Que en Cristo Se Bautizaron

Hymn to the Theotokos for Pentecost – Himno a la Teotokos para Pentecostés

Communion Hymn for Pentecost – Himno de la Communion para Pentecostés

Communion Hymns (Himnos de la Comunión)

Blessed is He that Comes – Znammeny (Bendito El que Viene)

I Will Take the Cup of Salvation – Anderson (Copa de Salvación)

Receive Me Today – Tone 8 Byzantine (Himno del Pueblo – Recíbeme Hoy)

St. Thomas Sunday – Praise the Lord O Jerusalem (Domingo de San Tomás – Alaba al Señor)

Tuesday Communion Hymn (Para Los Martes)

Elevation of the Cross (Elevación de la Cruz)

Thursday Communion Hymn (Para los Jueves)

New Year Psalm 64 (Bendecirás la Corona del Año)

Psalm 33 Froyshev – Shout for Joy (Salmo 33 – Que Los Justos Canten)

Receive the Body of Christ – Russian (Recibe el Cuerpo de Cristo – Ruso)

Transfiguration – Psalm 88 (Transfiguración – Salmo 88)

Divine Liturgy Text and Music:

This is a copy of the Divine Liturgy (Divina Liturgia) in Spanish that my husband compiled from various resources.

Below, you can find some sheet music (I know there are errors, especially in the titles listed on some of the pages) that would be sung in a regular Divina Liturgia.

Great Litany (Gran Letanía)

First Antiphon (Primera Antífona)

Little Litany (Letanía Menor)

Second Antiphon (Segunda Antífona)

Only-begotten Son (Himno de la Ortodoxia – Hijo Unigénito)

Third Antiphon (Tercera Antífona)

Resurrectional Troparia & Kontakia (Troparios y Contaquios de la Resurrección)

O Come Let us Worship (Venid Adoremos)

Trisagion – Holy God (Trisagio – Santo Dios)

Prokeimena of the Resurrection (Proquímenos de la Resurrección)

Cherubic Hymn (Himno Querúbico)

Great Litany (Gran Letanía)

At the Anaphora (A la Anáfora)

Anaphora (Anáfora)

We Praise Thee (Te Cantamos)

It is Truly Meet (Digno Es – Himno a la Teotocos)

Our Father – Lord´s Prayer (Padre Nuestro)

Communion Hymns (Himnos de la Comunión)

We Have Seen the True Light (Hemos Visto la Verdadera Luz)

Orthodox Spanish Liturgical Music

Several years ago, my husband was assigned to a Spanish-language mission, where he served for three years. Since we were not aware of any other OCA parishes in Spanish whose resources we might share, each week, he would translate the variable texts of the liturgy and pass along those words to me. As the chanter, each week, not trusting myself to remember the tones and concentrate on the Spanish words at the same time, I generally set those variable parts to sheet music. We have since moved on, and we have no need for all the music we used in that parish. I have occasionally had requests for it from people who know about the work we did, but I always wanted it to be hosted somewhere so it would be available to anyone searching. So my hope is, with extra time on my hands due to the COVID-19 pandemic and closures / cancellations, I can try to get some or all of the files posted here. I no longer have the Noteworthy program I used when I was setting the files, so although I am noticing some mistakes as I go through the files, I have no way to edit them. All I can do is offer the PDFs here and hope they will be useful to someone along the way.

Divine Liturgy Texts and Sheet Music